The Herdcast – Episode #85

Episode 85

Beaver Lumber Edition

After last weeks fail, we promised to try and get back on track this week. Boy, did we ever get off track alot in this one.

Jays clinched AL East so we were pretty happy over that. Not a good weekend for the moose though. At least Hal had a nice birthday party.

Timo time again in Halifax, so what are the lines going to look like now? Also time to look at the early NHL draft ranks.

3 stars and actual rankings this week! Also decided to follow alot more of the Moose alumni this year.

Russian word of the day was Where are you from OR Oткуда вы? (Otkuda vy?)

Herdcast hockey league draft is on tap, and NHL starts next week! Its gonna be a good one.

Ended with some good vintage RAP

Until Next Week

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