The Herdcast – Episode #84

The Herdcast – Episode #84

Periscope Edition

First off, let me apologize for what your about to listen to.

Here is the story. We got about 20 minutes into the show when your recording laptop decided to reboot. That meant we lost the first 20 minutes of the show and it would have to be redone. That’s a first for us in 84 episodes. So while we were waiting for the laptop to reboot, Lance says that we should try to periscope the show. So for those that don’t know, we record over Skype from our own homes each week, so it wouldn’t be as simple as setting the camera on us and away we go.

Long story short, we managed to jimmy rig up a setup where my iphone was doing the periscope, which was set on my Ipad with a facetuime between the two of us.

So, we basically had to redo the first 20 minutes of the show, while being all amazed at this periscope thing AND watching the Blue Jays game.

It was quite a feat but we managed to get it out this week. We hope you enjoy it just the same.

Until Next week

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