The Herdcast – Episode #055

It’s not how you start, its how you finish Edition

Started off the new show, with a new intro. Very exciting stuff here folks.

We tried to briefly go over what was last weekends games, and briefly is all it needed to be.

We were hit by the injury bug again, but we were lucky enough to get some reinforcements from NHL camps! We also looked at a cool season ticket holder promotion, as well as some foolishness with Q104 and a call about resop’s mask. We somehow spent 5 minutes talking about Hal’s pants (hey, its early in the season).

Three stars, no rankings and Ehlers update were next. and then we previewed upcoming matchups with Chicoutimi and Saint John.

New Segment added to the show where we give an update on the herdcast hockey league. Hope that helps get more of you involved.

Until next week

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