The Herdcast – Episode #043

Episode #43

Increased risk of gambling Edition

Lots of bets going on in this weeks show. We had Monctons Big City Ken call in, as well as another listener turn in the blue and white for red and blue. We missed you guys last week, and there is an exciting episode in store for you.

Johnny on the Boards took a family road trip and took in the Bathurst and Moncton games. He told us about the arenas, food, and fans. He even managed to get a game recap in. The greatest part was the excellent game recap from Monctons own big city ken! You don’t want to miss that one. We also talked on the beating that the Moose put on Cape Breton, and the great string of games that Nik Ehlers is putting together.

We caught up on Moose and Q news, as well as our alumni update. Movement on the booster juice challenge and travel tracker as well.

Until next week

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