The Herdcast – Episode #037

Episode 37

Paper Anniversary Edition

This week was our 1st year anniversary of the herdcast and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off than to have number 1 listener & program directory Joey on the show.

We took a look at the week there was and talked of the poor result at the teddy bear toss. We also got a call from a Moncton fan after the game (is that you big city ken?) Thankfully Bathurst and Charlottetown were up next and provided us with the chance to forget the horrible Friday night game and enjoy the return of Jo and Zach.

We reviewed Nikolaj Ehlers performance at the top prospects game, as well as an injury update with Sam Leblanc out for a month with mononucleosis. Luckily Andrew Ryan came back to the lineup and with our new edition of Philippe Gadoury, we were able to have close to a full team playing.

A look at q news was dominated by talk to of the Mikael Grigorenko situation. We followed it up with our weekly took at the Telus 3 stars, BMO/CHL Rankings and a look at the moose alumni.

Chisler called in to answer out question of the week from last week.

Question(s) of the week: 1. What do you expect from Philippe Gadoury? 2. What is your best Herdcast memory? Call the Herdcast Listener Line – 902-332-3178

Did pretty well on the Booster Juice challenge this week and we didn’t have any movement on the travel tracker.

Ended with a few bloopers and some Plaskett.

Until next week

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