The Herdcast – Episode #032

Episode #32

New co-host edition

This week we have The Chisler back on, as Lance was away visiting family.

The show started off as normal with a rundown of the Mooseheads games against Bathurst and St. John last weekend. Our win streak now sits at 9 games.

Moose news gave us some interesting stats and facts, as well as sending out congratulations to Mooseheads equipment manager Chris Macdonald, who was named to that position for the world junior team for this year’s tournament.

Also, there is a neat contest being put off by Hockey Helps and Zach Fucale. With a donation, you can win a chance to design a mask that Zach will wear in a Mooseheads game this year. Information on the contest can be found here:

Do you think you have what it takes to become the Mooseheads new DJ? If so, check out the following link and put your name in the hat.

Q News was connected to Moose news again this week. For a second week in a row, Jonathan Doruin was the first star. The moose also moved up to 5th in the CHL BMO Top 10 rankings. We also ran down the 4 new entrants in the QMJHL Hall of fame. Also, an impressive record was set by a QMJHL goaltender this week.

Not much new to report in the way of stats for our Moose Alumni.

The guys then took a brief look at our upcoming games. We travel to Sydney on Friday the 29th to take on the screaming eagles, and we host Moncton at the Metro Centre on Sunday, December 1st (4:00 start)

We ran down last week’s question of the week on Who you think that Jo should play with at the world juniors.

That discussion lead to our question for this week – Do you think Mackenzie Weegar gets an invite to team Canada tryouts? Does he make the team? Give us your reasons. The listener line is 902-332-3178

There was A little movement on the Booster Juice Challenge this week. We managed to get some help from Moose Country, but after 2 big games we continued to fall behind. We now sit at 16/33. We could use your help moose fans!

A little banter to close out the show and that’s what we have for this week.

See you guys next week!

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