Herdcast Season 2

Hey guys,

Here we are, the start of another Mooseheads season, and the herdcast will be back for season 2.

For those of you that listen, we are looking for feedback to start the season, and make the podcast something that works.

Here is what we have for a show run down

– Previous Weeks Game (just scores, highlights)
– Moose News (Injuries, Milestones, Nate/Jo News)
– Q News (News, Notes, Standings, CHL rankings, New Q players in NHL)
– Where are they now Interviews (wont be every week, but for the weeks we dont have anything we will just leave out this section)
– Upcoming Game Preview (w/guest when possible) / Moosehead Travel Tally
– Question of the week Discussion/Voicemails & new Question of the week

We decided not to do a player bio this year as well as they where are they now is going to be cut down to just interviews when we can get them.

We are going to add a question of the week feauture and hopefully you guys can help us out with your thoughts on our question every week via listener line/email/tweets

We tried to incorporate alot of your idea from last year. Going to try and keep it under an hour as well.

So what do you guys think? Love to hear your thoughts on what we are putting together. Also looking forward to another great year in Moose Country (although its going to be tough to top last year).

Lance & Johnny on the boards

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